About the Book

My name is Lynn Ducoff Belkin. This story is my story. When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was scared and did not really know what to expect at the hospital, both during and after surgery. However, there were many people (doctors, nurses, child life specialist, parents, caregivers, siblings and friends) around to answer my questions. When I arrived back at school I was able to answer my friend's questions. For example, I was able to explain radiation therapy and what an IV does. I also showed them some of the projects I made in the hospital playroom. This book is written for you and your family. I want to use my experiences to help other children and families cope with a diagnosis.

Professional Feedback

"Lynn's true story and experience as a brain tumor survivor is clear, informative and gives encouragement to young patients facing similar challenges. Her book is one that can be used in a hospital setting, an out-patient setting, a classroom and at home. Lynn wrote this story to help other young children understand their illness and to help create a comfortable discussion between children and adults." Patty Weiner - Educational Consultant - The Making Headway Foundation's Ongoing Care Team and Faculty Mentor - Bank Street College of Education

" Lynn Belkin's personal story of her experience as a childhood brain tumor survivor is informative and encouraging to young readers facing similar challenges. Lynn's positive outlook and presentation of her experience will resonate with young patients starting or finishing their own treatment. This book can help start conversations between children and adults who care about them. " Lita Anglin, MSIS - Family Health Librarian - The Stephen D. Hassenfeld Center

" Lynn's story and practical advice provide concrete and tangible suggestions of how a scary diagnosis can be an opportunity for child and families growth. By concentrating on the whole child and not the diagnosis, there is HOPE! " Troy Pinkney - Ragsdale - Director of Child Life Program - Bank Street College of Education

" Home in Time for My Birthday, by Lynn Ducoff Belkin, is an insightful and interesting child's eye view of dealing with a serious brain tumor diagnosis. Lynn wrote from her own personal experience. It will be helpful to families, doctors, nurses, child life specialists and children. She wrote this story so other children, who are having a brain operation or any other type of surgery or treatment, will understand what it is like. " Carol Snyder - Children's Book Author and Reach Out and Read Volunteer at St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center's Pediatric Clinic

" If a student gets sick, I can read it to the other students so that they can sympathize and understand what the other student is going through. I think that the inclusion of a glossary with terms, such as CAT Scan, used throughout the book would allow the story to be an educational tool as well. They will gain a real understanding of what a CAT Scan is. Following the story the class may discuss ways through which classmates can assist the patient upon their return to school. " Amy Becker - Elementary School Teacher, New York City